Your Band

You’re an indie band about to release your first EP. You’re a DJ suddenly included in a festival line up and you desperately need a press release. You need your stuff checked, or else all your mates are going to make fun of you.

Incomplete gig details, and misspelled websites or contact info can break the band that survives the egos – don’t let your first gig at the Corner be marred by your fans turning up on the wrong night, and don’t let your manager’s phone number be wrong on your debut EP.

Press release proofread

You’ve written a press release and it needs a read-through and polish from someone who’s read a shitload of press releases.

Write my press release

You’re a musician dammit not a publicist. We will take the time to listen to your stuff and write a one-page presser for your album launch, upcoming tour, or other incident that warrants a press release.

Trust us, Sam has spent many an hour tidying up your presser for Beat. They appreciate you knowing at least a semblance of grammar.

Check my LP/EP cover, artwork, tracklisting

The boring bit, and therefore the bit mostly likely to have a mistake in it. We’ll double check credits, logos, tracklistings, basically everything that exists on your band’s version of a business card.

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